With my HR consulting services, I support you in developing new and innovative approaches to finding, nurturing and developing talent.

I have been advising companies in the field of personnel search, selection and development for many years now. Identifying, acquiring, keeping, promoting and developing talents in times of constant change, a tight selection of applicants, heterogeneous teams, role-mixing or specific project requirements are among the critical success factors for many companies.


Traditional ways of recruiting are no longer enough to put the right people in the right place at the right time. Thinking outside the box is required.

I  support you in the search for personnel, current recruiting activities, as part of an extended personnel selection process or in finding alternative ways of recruiting personnel.

HR Consulting and recruitment services are part of my main consulting services.  I support you in your recruitment activities or in case of candidate assessments as well as in defining new strategies for finding new employees or executives.


  • Research, search and selection of professionals and executives in the fields of Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, IT, Projectmanagement
  • Direct Search of potential candidates
  • Development and  guidance for specific  assessments and selection processes


  • Potential Analysis, DISC Behavioural Analysis
  • Personnel Development, Training
  • Appraisals, Feedback
  • Guidance in Onboarding/Mentoring
  • Executive Coaching


In my practice, so-called DISC Behavioural Profile Analyses have proven very useful in many HR-relevant issues and can be used, for example, in personnel decisions, the compilation of new teams, succession planning or for the assessment of leadership qualities.

The DISC Behavioural Profile Analysis (SLG Thomas International) is a psychometric assessment that provides you with comprehensive information pertaining to the behaviour, style, talents and abilities of your employees.