Barbara Schopper Portrait Über Mich


In the many years of working in my consulting practice, my main ambition has been to optimally support individuals in professional matters and to provide companies with professional advice on HR-related topics.

I have been working in HR, HR management and management consulting for 25 years.
My portfolio includes HR consulting, personnel and management consulting, career advice, systemic coaching and outplacement consulting. My attitude regarding consultation and advice is characterised by a humanistic image of humanity, as well as openness, authenticity, empathy and appreciation.

Professional background

Barbara Schopper, born in Vienna in 1969, commercial science studies  with a focus on HR management and labour law at WU Vienna, further education in the field of coaching, systemic counselling and psychosocial counselling.

25 years of professional experience in human resource management and in personnel and corporate consulting. Professional roots in personnel and career advice of young academics, as well as in HR management, with a focus on personnel development and talent management in the environment of an international corporation. Subsequently working experience as a senior consultant and partner for a local recruitment consultancy in the fields of executive search, recruitment and consulting of commercial specialists and executives for many years.

The industrial focus is on trade, industry, services, IT,  finance and accounting. In 2017, the establishment of the own consulting company took place. The focal point of the services is on companies and enterprises, as well as individuals in the field of HR consulting, outplacement, career advice and coaching.

Education and further training

  • Economics and business studies at WU Vienna (1995)
  • Course in systemic coaching at the Centre for Systemic Research and Consulting in Heidelberg (2001)
  • SLG Thomas International certification for the psychometric procedure of DISC Behavioural Profile Analysis (2005)
  • Course in systemic consulting at the Group Neuwaldegg in Vienna (2011-2012)
  • Professional training and education at the ÖGWG in Vienna, person-centred psychotherapy and counselling techniques (2016-2018)